We add value and contribute in accelerating clean energy initiatives with the objective of providing reliable and affordable energy to African communities. Accruetech Energy is channeling expertise and resources to the following investment areas:


Liquid fuel trading, storage and management.

We invest in the import of crude oil, with explorations in various coasts of Africa - and liquid fuel storage, and port terminal operations.


Energy efficiency and load reduction.

Together with our partners, we invest in load reduction initiatives, such as Solar Water Heater Programme, that seeks to reduce the load and save money in structures such as hospitals, schools and correctional facilities.


Gas infrastructure and development.

We have an appetite, knowledge, expertise and solid partnerships to play a meaningful role in the development of gas in South Africa and the region. Our investment focus ranges from LNG supply, Floating and Land-base Storage and Regasification Facility, Gas Transmission and distribution network infrastructure.



Accruetech Energy is investing in transmission and distribution transformers and cabling. Our insterests spurn to grid and non-grid electrification through the Integrated National Energy Programme (INEP).